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Tired of the dysfunctional poli-dicks in D.C. or your state...well no kidding post and vote them out here!
Have a cheater or psycho ex on your hands? Post them here...they deserve it! And help save others from their misery!
Other team take a cheap shot on your QB? Did medal boy win only 'cause of his roid and wheaty diet? Post any athlete here and see who are the lowest and dirtiest out there!
Ever get an urge to vote out that annoying reality star or pompous celebrity? Post and vote for them here!
Ever get screwed by a business or get crappy service...post it here. Don't let greedy suits in corporations push you around...make your voice heard!
Would you eat that 3-eyed fish from the Simpson's? We have one planet so please post and vote for any company or person ruining it here!
Here you can post any bad influence on the world--from baby killing rebel leader to chemical weapon queefing dictators...no joke!
Any A-hole
Here is where you post anything else...from the righteous a-hole who cut you off to your lazy boss who is into gilf porn.

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  • Return of Ostracism

    We are bringing back the ancient Greek procedure that allowed citizens to vote out a member of their country. Originally for politicians we expanded to other categories. We document world dregs who repress the advancement of civilization by inhibiting freedom, justice, fairness, and the open exchange of knowledge. Our intent is to document this and ensure history and such behavior is not repeated.
  • Making Your Vote Pay

    To put The Ostracism into practice we donate 100% of profits to negatively publicize leading vote-getters or to directly help the people oppressed by them.
  • Paying You For Your Post

    And to promote use we will pay you for providing the highest vote-getting REAL nominations every month!

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Top knock-out candidates (updated monthly)

Tom “Cry” Brady

Adults admit mistakes and babies cry…no surprise Cry Brady is still crying despite refusing to turn over personal evidence and the team’s

Bill Cosby

“We may be looking at America’s greatest serial rapist that ever got away with this for the longest amount of time”


Immoral, land-grabbing, freedom stealing dictator with guilty hands in killing ~300 innocent air passengers.

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